Kadee McDonald

Sometimes I wear leather, but a piece of my heart will always belong to the muslin and lace of the Regency.
Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast, I was a world away from London and the rolling hills of the beautiful English countryside. But I still loved all things British. .. the lilt of the language, tea & crumpets, the castles and country estates, the idea of a Royal Family who really knew how to throw a wedding. .. all these seemed like the ultimate fairy tale and they captivated me.
I also loved history, so what would be more natural for me than to study British history? Even today, I could tell you more about Henry VIII's six wives than I could most U. S. presidents.
When I discovered the historical romances written by numerous authors, most notably Georgette Heyer, Barbara Cartland, and of course, Miss Jane Austen, it was a match made in. .. well, made in the library and the local bookstore, at least! Over a time span of some years, I read perhaps a thousand or so and then decided to try my hand at writing one. The result was CHOOSING WILL. My latest traditional Regency is a holiday novella, AN ARRANGED VALENTINE and my Regency short story, BED OF SWEET SURRENDER, is part of the new holiday anthology, HOLIDAY EVER AFTER, from LARA (Los Angeles Romance Authors. ) I hope you'll enjoy reading all these stories as much as I did researching and writing them.
I'd love to hear from you! Please connect with me on Twitter (@KadeeMcDonald) or Facebook (KadeeMcDonaldAuthor) or visit my website for updates (www. KadeeMcDonald. com).