Tina Gayle

Best-selling author, Tina Gayle grew up not knowing what she wanted to be as an adult. Then someone asked her about my dream job, her answer, "I wanted to be a pretender. "

So the job of writing books is the perfect job for her. She has a vivid imagination and enjoys creating new characters and heartbreaking situations that her readers can sympathize with as they root for the couple's love to blossom.

Before setting down with her computer, she worked in the corporate world as both an accountant and a programmer. Once her kids were born, she decided to give her dream of being a writer a try and loves to incorporate the heartaches, headaches and fun of being a mother and a woman into my books.

Having finished her Executives Wives' Club series about four women who come together after the death of their husbands. She is working on a new series set to come out in Summer of 2017.

She also has been playing around with short stories that tell the problems a number of Baby Boomers are experiencing.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with my family and traveling around the country. She hasn't hit every state, but she hopes to someday. You might also catch her on the golf course with her husband of 30 years.

If you'd like to connect, send an email to tina@tinagayle. com. She loves to hear from her readers. What elements you liked and what you didn't care for in the story.

Also, you can read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website or download an exclusive story "My Future Step Brother" and join her special friend's list. All on her website www. tinagayle. com
Marketing Exec's Widow