A Fistful of Fate

A Fistful of Fate

Author : Debora Dennis

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance

Would you die for love. .. twice?

William Montgomery, a blacksmith wrongly sentenced to death in 1806 for the murder of the woman he loved, cannot rest. As a ghost, he's been bound to Clayton Creek for over two hundred years…waiting for the soul of his true love to find him and finally set him free.

Rebecca Prescott, tormented by a strange recurring nightmare of her ancestor’s murder, is drawn to a two-week colonial reenactment at the scene of the ancient crime. She expects to put her nightmares to rest, instead she finds one charming blacksmith and past life memories of an undying love.

William needs to break the witch's curse by winning Rebecca's love in the present and earning her forgiveness for the past before his fistful of magic pearls disappear and he's condemned to Clayton Creek forever.

Can Rebecca’s soul finally reunite with her destined love or will she repeat the past and die once again for the man she loves?

Publication Date: March 02, 2014 ​ ​ ​ ​
Keywords: Ghost, paranormal, historical

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