Abby: Mail Order Bride

Abby: Mail Order Bride

Series : Unconventional Series #1

Author : Verna Clay

Publisher :Verna Clay

Genre :
Full-Figured Heroine, Historical Romance, Marriage of Convenience, Western Romance, Women's Fiction

Brant Samson advertises for a mail order bride because raising three children after the death of his beloved wife is proving to be impossible. After reading Mr. Samson's classified advertisement in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Abigail Mary Vaughn garners enough courage to respond. Her motivations are simple: She loves children, she's always dreamed of having her own family, and since she is now considered an old maid, she'll more than likely spend the rest of her life in gut-wrenching loneliness unless she does something unconventional.

Publication Date: January 05, 2014 ​
Series: Unconventional Series #1 ​ ​
No. of Pages: 184 ​
Keywords: mail order bride, historical romance, 1800s, full figured woman, widower with children, marriage of convenience, dealing with sorrow, cowboy, lonely woman, schoolmarm, spinster, spinster finds love, spinster and widower, ranch life

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