Alien Sex Ed (Volumes 1–8 + Bonus Stories)

Alien Sex Ed (Volumes 1–8 + Bonus Stories)

Series : Alien Sex Ed

Author : Allie Ritch

Publisher :Allie Ritch

Genre :
Anthology, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Space Opera

Xindra and Quinn and all their Alien Sex Ed students have come together in this box set, offering eight erotic sci-fi romance novellas and two short stories in one place.

ALIEN SEX 101: XINDRA & QUINN — Quinn and Xindra learn from their near-disastrous wedding night and design a course to teach other interracial couples about the sexual practices and customs on their planet. More than just an anatomy lesson, this course is hands-on and definitely steamy.

ALIEN SEX 102: MERA & TRETT — Xindra’s friend Mera is the first to benefit when she meets and falls for Sex Ed student Trett. As an Ibration, Trett doesn’t thrust during sex. His penis vibrates.

ALIEN SEX 103: KATRA & KRUX — Katra’Ruma needs a perfectly controlled lover to hit her two T-spots and trigger her orgasm. Unfortunately, the only man she’s found who can do that is an overbearing Brachoi male named Krux. The four-armed man drives her crazy, and they do nothing but snipe at each other. Or is that foreplay?

ALIEN SEX 104: WHITT & SPRI — Used to casual sex, playboy Whitt discovers he’s in over his head when he falls for Spri, a Litting woman who considers lovemaking a sacred rite as binding as marriage. He should be running the other way. Instead, he sees how far he can push things before taking the final plunge.

ALIEN SEX 105: BENNI & VARION — Corporate spy by day and party boy by night, Varion thinks he has it all when he hooks up with fellow student Benni. As a Flexian, Benni is a natural contortionist, and she loves the way his race can shift their features and skin tone to look like other people. It’s all passion and good times until Varion starts to wonder if Benni only wants him because he can look like different men. And when Benni discovers Varion’s corporate espionage may destroy her job, she questions his motives in pursuing her.

ALIEN SEX 106: PIXIE & ZEO — A shy young virgin, Pixie is shocked when Zeo, the fierce Nimanian student in her class, takes an interest in her. Zeo wants to mate with her in the tradition of his people, but Nimanian sex can be fierce. Can he be gentle enough for the woman he loves? Does Pixie have enough strength to match him?

ALIEN SEX 107: HUV & LEXY — Huv has always liked the ladies, but he’s ready for more than one-night stands. After meeting Lexy, he finds it very easy to fall for her in her female form, but that’s only half the equation. Lexy is Cedecian. Every month, she changes gender. Huv suffers a sexual identity crisis as he struggles to accept that the woman he loves may also be the man he loves.

ALIEN SEX 108: GLYNN & DEINA — After months of dating, Deina expects Glynn to pop the question. Instead he asks her to have his baby…or at least try. As a Semhym, Glynn must find a woman with just the right chemistry to help him spill his seed. He thinks Deina may be the one, but he wants to be sure. In order to win her over, he’ll have to gamble for the highest stakes of all: sex, love, and the rest of their lives.

“ALIEN SEX THERAPY” — The gender-morphing Cedecians are truly bisexual, but Cai has never made love as a woman. Maybe a hot new relationship with her Brachoi neighbor is the perfect sex therapy.

“ALIEN SEX LIFE” — Four-armed Valene is madly in love with Apax, but making a mixed-race relationship work is tough. Can these lovers negotiate a life together, or are their worlds too different?

Publication Date: December 01, 2015 ​
Series: Alien Sex Ed ​ ​ ​
Keywords: aliens, erotic romance, box set, SFR, sci-fi, sex ed

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