Series : Le Beau Series

Author : V.A. Dold

Publisher :Vadold

Genre :
Fantasy Romance, Full-Figured Heroine, Holiday, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters

Awarded (Best Paranormal Romance)
Awarded (Rising Star Paranormal Romance)

Anna James is single again, finally. In her opinion, men will never love her for who she is, a beautiful, plus sized woman. Well, except the fantasy man that she’s been meeting in her dreams for five years.
She just never expected her fantasy to be a real live alpha shifter. ..
Cade Le Beau isn’t what he seems. He’s a billionaire wolf. A Shifter. He laments his missed chance six months ago to meet his fantasy woman in the flesh. Just as his second chance presents itself, his fantasy woman, his mate, is threatened by the local mob boss and her ex-husband. Now, he has forty-eight hours to deal with this threat once and for all or chance losing her again.
Is it Anna who’s in danger, or the humans who unwittingly threaten her?
The heat is on the moment they lay eyes on each other. Neither, age, children, horrid ex-husbands, nor mob bosses will stop this love affair.
Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana, where every myth and scary story you were ever told is real. A place where the things that go bump in the night, or daytime for that matter, are surprisingly friendly. For the most part.
Take a good look at your neighbor, the person sitting beside you at the bar, or your coworker. Are you sure they’re human?

Publication Date: March 17, 2014 ​
Series: Le Beau Series ​ ​ ​
Keywords: Psychics Vampires Telepathy Werewolves & Shifters Fantasy Witches & Wizards Holidays Military BBW Contemporary Romance Collections & Anthologies Literature & Fiction Paranormal Action & Adventure Mythology Humor Women's fiction

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