Daniel's Garden

Daniel's Garden

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Gay

Daniel, an author, employs a new gardener, Sam, a sad and lonely character who has suffered a few knocks on the journey of life. The discovery of Knotweed in Daniel's garden leads to an invitation for Sam to stay for several extra days to remove the offending plant. Sparks ignite between the two men and more gets plowed than just the garden.
Their relationship deepens as Daniel shines a light into all the dark and damp corners of Sam's life and Sam attempts to show Daniel that there are sometimes better ways to deal with your problems, especially those with your neighbours.
The sex between the two men is described reasonably graphically and there is frequent use of bad language.
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No. of Words: 15854 ​