Dare To

Dare To

Author : AKM Miles

Publisher :MLR Press

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Licensed counselor, Dare Wilson, works with troubled kids, and that's how he meets Ryan Spencer's nephew. The kid is reeling from his mother's death, and Dare wants to help. He wants to help Ryan out, too. Their chemistry is immediate, but Dare knows he cares for Ryan, too. Dare thinks they'll fit right into his quiet life, but he should know better than to think everything will go smoothly.

Suddenly, Dare is involved in a domestic violence dispute, a life-threatening situation with a client, and terrible problems with an old employee. Add in a newspaper reporter who makes him headline news, and makes a big deal out of Dare being gay, and all of a sudden, Dare is the one who needs help. Can he and Ryan face all of their problems and make it through together?

Dare's Christmas Gift - Bonus short story

Christmas is near and Dare, Ryan and JC are looking forward to it. Presents are hidden and excitement abounds, until fear rears its ugly head again. JC swears he saw the "mean man" watching him on the playground, but they all know he's supposed to be in prison. Then Brandon says he saw him, too. Uh-oh. Interruption in the holiday plans.

Publication Date: December 2016 ​
No. of Words: 68,000