Dustin Time

Dustin Time

Series : Dustin Time 1

Author : June Kramin

Publisher :Pau Hana Books

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel, Women's Fiction

Kaitlyn thought she was happy with her life. Her veterinary practice successful, and a “boy toy” to keep her satisfied. At least until the night she turns thirty, when the inevitable biological clock starts to tick. Convincing herself that he is simply not father material, she decides to let him go. Dusty refuses to leave without a fight, and fate strongly agrees.

After an unsuccessful breakup, she wakes up once again in Dusty’s arms, only he’s not the same man. He’s an older version…and their child is crying from the next room. The days that follow bring more of the same: arriving at a time in her past or alternate future, on her birthday. Dusty is the only constant in all of her travels, anxious to win her over in each timeframe.
Seeing a whole new side to him and knowing that they were truly meant to be, she allows herself to finally love him. Knowing she has to have fixed what was wrong, she expects it all to stop; only it doesn’t. Battling her frustrations daily, Kaitlyn desperately searches for the answers that will bring her time traveling to an end.

Publication Date: August 02, 2010 ​
Series: Dustin Time 1 ​
No. of Words: 80K ​
No. of Pages: 300 ​
Keywords: time travel, veterinarian, writer, Minnesota, Lawyer

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