Eluria's Enforcer (Argadian Heart, Book 1)

Eluria's Enforcer (Argadian Heart, Book 1)

Series : The Argadian Heart , Book 1

Author : Adrianna Dane

Publisher :Dream Romantic Unlimited LLC

Genre :
Enemies to Lovers, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Space Opera

Betrayal, desire, and redemption collide on a desolate planet.

Devon Andromeda, a nanus-altered Argadian Enforcer of the First Level, is assigned the mission to hunt down and eliminate Eluria Zydon, a rebel leader, who also happens to be the daughter of an Elite Tribunal Commander. Enforcers are altered and trained assassins who retain no memories, or humanoid emotions which would hamper their purpose. Aggression is the only emotion unblocked in an Enforcer; the Tribunal directs their existence.

Eluria Zydon’s life is filled with more than enough memories and emotions for both Devon and herself. She lives with the guilt of past injustice and her life has been dedicated to finding the cure to set Devon Andromeda and those like him free. It is a payment she hopes will also free her soul once and for all from her tormenting past.

Confrontation on the lifeless planet, Serdion, will change them both forever. An explosion delivers Devon into Eluria’s hands. An experimental drug opens the floodgates to Devon’s emotions. .. and his memory. The first emotion he faces, and must learn to control is desire. Eluria has been trained as a twilight companion and has the knowledge to help him harness his passions. Will he accept her help? Or is his only intent to complete his mission. .. her death. ..

Publication Date: July 03, 2016 ​
Series: The Argadian Heart, Book 1 ​
No. of Words: 25,700 ​ ​
Keywords: romance, erotic, MF, science fiction, futuristic

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