Fated Love

Fated Love

Author : Lindsey Owens

Publisher :Dream Big Publishing

Genre :
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

After events out of their control separates Kane and Colbie, best friends since nearly birth. The two feel as if their lives could never be the same. Truth be told, it's not. It will never be the same.
Colbie all these years has found solace in her schooling and new friends, far away from her mother's meddling, at a boarding school and then college. While Damien has taken up companionship in every woman has saw.
Years later, nine years to be exact as events beyond their control drag them back together. When Colbie's father passes on suddenly she gets sent back to her hometown which she has left so many years before.
Could time of loneliness and broken hearts heal in just a matter of days? Or will time prove to be too much for them? Has Colbie's mother broken through the friendship barrier that Kane's sister Lena had worked so hard to build all those years ago? Will Kane just be too much for Colbie when she discovers the secret he has kept from her or will Kane be just what Colbie has always been searching for since she had left all those years ago?
A single snowed in night can change one's life ~ forever.

Publication Date: October 10, 2015 ​
No. of Words: 12,190