Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Anthology, Brief Encounter, Gay

Gone But Not Forgotten is the single volume which contains the first six brief encounters from the A Gay Brief Encounter series. These are individual stories which drop in on a man’s life and one of his encounters with another man, that generally has a lasting impact on them both . .. mostly a positive one but not always. ..
The stories included are:
Left Luggage - Budgie decides to leave France and return to the UK. A chance meeting with Marc, a young college student, reminds him of what is really important in life and the value of what he’s leaving behind.
Juxtaposition - A safe-sex fable for our times; times during which more and more men are becoming infected with HIV through having unprotected sex. It is a story that was written to invoke a strong emotional response and to make the reader think. It was also written to encourage everyone to be more compassionate towards each other, in all situations.
Crossed Wires - Jupiter returns from a spiritual retreat and is reconnecting with ‘civilisation’, friends and family. Through the process of making a mobile phone purchase, Jupiter meets Lenny with whom he makes a strong connection. However, a mistake over mobile phone numbers leads Jupiter to unwittingly place himself in danger. When he is seriously assaulted and left in a coma, Lenny is suspected of the crime. Only Monica, Lenny’s colleague, has the means to save him from being accused and imprisoned; the thing is, she doesn’t know what she knows.
Do It Yourself - Toby meets Brian in the DIY superstore. The friendly offer to help plumb in the washing machine leads to a date. Initially, Toby is smitten by Brian who appears to be everything he is looking for in a man but then some serious doubts begin to emerge. Can the DIY disaster zone that Toby calls home literally be his lifesaver?
The Moped Protocols - George has just split up with Barry, a control freak. An unexpected find at a flea market of a 1952 Peugeot motorcycle and its owner, Giles, gives George something he’s never experienced before . .. freedom.
USED - Drake has another argument with his boyfriend, Tom, who likes to spend Drake’s money. Finally reaching the end of his tether, Drake asks Tom to leave. Angry, Drake goes out and he heads to a bar in Soho. He’s picked up by Eli, a young hotel management trainee. In the end, who is using who?
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