Healing Touch

Healing Touch

Series : Destination Lost , Book 1

Author : Missy Welsh

Genre :
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Multiracial/Multicultural, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Space Opera

A routine mission from the Moon Colony to Earth ends in the five-man crew of the Swallowtail being transported to the other side of the galaxy. Met with hostility, captured, and tortured simply for being Human, the three survivors hold little hope for their futures.

Captain Noah O'Keefe has lost his ship and his crew to alien forces he didn't even know existed until a few hours ago. Chemically blinded and helpless, he can only rely on the kindness of strangers to escape a dungeon and try to recover what he's lost.

Vivek Korraay has the fate of the universe in his hands, but around every corner is another crisis. .. or a blue-eyed Human whose needs he cannot ignore. Spying has lost its appeal and Vivek longs for a simpler life and someone to share it with.

Can Noah and Vivek survive pursuit on land and in space long enough to prevent a war?

And, if they do, might a true and binding love be their reward?

Publication Date: November 16, 2016 ​
Series: Destination Lost, Book 1 ​
No. of Words: 45,000 ​
No. of Pages: 169 ​
Keywords: space opera, alien, gay romance, alien romance, space travel, abduction, magic

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