Immortal Prey

Immortal Prey

Author : Diana Ballew

Publisher :Trifecta Publishing House

Genre :
Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

She owns his heart . . . The Beast rules his soul.

Derek Rudliff was an ordinary man. .. or so he thought. Spared a brutal death, Derek's reward as the future king is to spend eternity with his beloved mortal wife, but he must kill her and wait for her rebirth three hundred years later. Her intoxicating scent leads him on a quest to find her, but what Derek discovers is not what he had expected. His beloved is now Erin Richland, a fiery, emerald-eyed beauty with a mind of her own, and she's far from the docile woman he remembers from centuries ago.

Erin Richland is no easy prey. Determined to get the coveted exclusive interview that could launch her career, Erin struggles between her attraction for Derek and getting to the bottom of the gruesome murders plaguing the young city of Everett, Washington. As much as she's lured to Derek, she equally fears him, as haunting images of her forgotten past begin to resurface.

Together, Derek and Erin must battle the dark forces of evil determined to pull them apart. Only then, can the two lovers find their way back to each other for all eternity.

Publication Date: November 23, 2015 ​ ​
No. of Pages: 246 ​