Island Runaway

Island Runaway

Author : Alex Strong

Publisher :Red Dahlia Publishing

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers

Elana Tanner ran away to the island of Kauai to forget
that fateful night and everything it cost her. Not that
she’ll ever really forget. It becomes all the more
impossible with the unexpected arrival of wealthy
and sexy Kyle Barnett who doesn’t know if he can
ever forgive her for the death of his brother.
Kyle had been looking forward to getting away from it
all, but his Hawaiian vacation becomes anything but
relaxing when he finds himself face to face with the
last person he ever wanted to see again. Now he seizes
the opportunity to ask the questions that have been
weighing heavily on his mind the last two years. But is
he ready for the answers?
As tempers flare and sparks fly, loathing soon turns to
lust, and what once turned them against each other
now brings them together. But Kyle is very good at
keeping secrets, and Elana doesn’t know if she can
trust him, no matter what her heart may feel.

Publication Date: January 09, 2014 ​ ​
No. of Words: 70,000 ​ ​
Keywords: Hawaii, beach, Seattle

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