Johnny Be Good - The Life and Times of Johnny Sante (Part Two)

Johnny Be Good - The Life and Times of Johnny Sante (Part Two)

Author : Chambers Mars

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Bisexual, Contemporary

In Johnny Be Good, Johnny and Frankie are setting up a new sting and all would be well if Gaston was not on Dual’s, Sardou’s and Bretzel’s hit lists - how do you kill three birds with one stone?
Johnny is a con artist, a rogue who you either love or hate, and regular superhero in his own way. He has ‘a man has to do what a man has to do’ attitude running through his veins. Twenty, bisexual, Parisian – born and bred in the 10th on Rue Bichat, Johnny is a survivor, promiscuous, frequently doped out or drunk – usually both, and is a huge fan of Joni Mitchell, turtles and Mahoran cooking. This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual encounters and frequent usage of bad language.
Johnny Be Good is the second story from the series The Life & Times of Johnny Santé. The series debut was Johnny Come Back.
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Chambers Mars

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