Master Series Volume 4

Master Series Volume 4

Series : Master Series

Author : Justus Roux

Publisher :Erotictales Publications

Genre :
BDSM and Fetish, Erotic Romance

Justus Roux's Master Series Books 16-19
"Bind Me" Book Sixteen
"Lilith's Romulus/ Rex's Jinx Book Seventeen
"Lilith's Web" Book Eighteen
"Love Hurts" Book Nineteen
“Bind Me” Book Sixteen
Blake was infatuated with Master Rex from the moment he saw him at Master Drake’s island. Even though it’s the hardest thing he has done he asks Master Drake to allow him to train with Master Rex. By leaving Master Drake it also means Blake will be leaving his twin brother Pleasure behind. Yet, this is something Blake is compelled to do, he needs to know…has to know Master Rex.

Lucy is still recovering from the trauma she endured at the hands of Master Falcon. And even though Bazil wants to help her, Master Dante refuses to allow Lucy to stay at his home. No Master wants to take Lucy on after they find out that she is the one who killed Falcon. Bazil begs Dante to find someone to help Lucy. Knowing Bazil needs to do this Dante asks Master Jinx to take on Lucy. Master Jinx is Lucy’s last hope and possibly her salvation.

“Lilith’s Romulus/ Rex’s Jinx” Book Seventeen
Lilith’s Romulus This is the prequel to “Lilith’s Web” the upcoming novel in the “Master Series”, and tells the story on how Lilith and Romulus met and fell in love.
Rex’s Jinx This is a prequel to the book “Bind Me” the previously released novel in the “Master Series”. It tells the back-story on how Jinx met Rex, and how they became lovers

“Lilith’s Web” Book Eighteen
I knew something was wrong the moment we entered that woman’s house. Mistress Lilith… hell to me she looked like a spider trying to tempt us all to get caught in her web. The way she looked at my Master, it made me nervous and hot all at the same time. She wanted him. Sure I have seen enough men and women drool over my Master, but this was different. Especially when I looked up at him, he wanted her too. It’s been awhile since I seen that kind of hunger in my Master’s eyes. Mistress Angelique can feel it too. I can see how nervous she is. Good, let her sweat, she has the honor of being Master Dante’s lover, she should have to work for it.
If this was the only thing that awaited me everything would be just fine. Mistress Lilith’s favorite submissive’s name is Romulus. Just hearing that name makes all the pain and guilt I have buried bubble to the surface. Romulus…my little brother…my greatest regret…my greatest joy…Romulus…it’s too much for me to take in. I tell myself what are the odds that my brother is Lilith’s new submissive, yet, it is him.
I honestly don’t know if I can get through this. My Master is right here for me, like he has always been. With his help I might just survive this. I just hope we both don’t get caught in Lilith’s web.
-Apollo, Master Dante’s submissive.

“Love Hurts” Book Nineteen
Cassie fears her desires. She has been told her desires are wrong, downright evil, by her ex-husband. She meets a woman named Fawn on a BDSM forum. Fawn manages to get Cassie a meeting with Master Xanthos who is the head of a well-known BDSM community. Cassie is afraid, but knows she needs to do this. Master Xanthos arranges for Cassie to be trained by Master Damien. From the moment Cassie sees her handsome new Master she is enthralled by him. Master Damien leads her on her journey into the BDSM lifestyle.

Publication Date: July 23, 2016 ​
Series: Master Series ​
No. of Words: 237,960 ​ ​
Keywords: BDSM, Master, Submissive, Erotic Romance

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