Master Series Volume One

Master Series Volume One

Series : Master Series

Author : Justus Roux

Publisher :Erotictales Publications

Genre :
BDSM and Fetish, Erotic Romance

The first five books of Justus Roux's Master Series
My Master
Master's Ecstasy
Sweet Rapture
The Novellas: Yes Master Dante, Ecstasy's Story, Wrath's Story
"My Master” Book One Jessica Scott was timid when it came to sex. The sting of her husband betrayal was still fresh in her heart. But Master Drake will opened her eyes to all sorts of sexual delights and show her what love is really meant to be. Master Drake had the ability to put any man or woman in a delicious erotic spell. All couldn't wait to please him. Though Master Drake cared deeply for his male and female pets, it took Jessica to show him what love was. Both go on an erotic journey of love, lust and everything in between.
“Master’s Ecstasy” Book Two Ecstasy, Master's Angel, so beautiful, yet masculine, discovered he had a strong sexual power, especially over men. Ecstasy begun to play with this power, eventually driving away two of Master's male pets. Master must teach Ecstasy the difference between holding someone in a delicious spell versus driving them mad with desire. Temptress loved Rapture from the moment she saw him. No one will stand in her way of having him. Not even Rapture, himself. Master Drake invites Master Dante to his island to give his pet Wrath some closure.
“Obey!” Book Three Tom and Anna Bradford wanted to dabble in S&M, but Anna’s unrelenting need for the very best leads them to Master Dante. The couple realized quickly that they are in over their heads; however, it is too late to turn back now. Dante's Mansion is in the middle of the Nevada desert, the only way out is if Master Dante wishes for you to leave. Their only hope is to endure Dante's cruelty for the next two weeks. .. but a lot can change in two weeks.

“Sweet Rapture” Book Four Alexandra or Alex as she liked to be called was amazed when a dark, handsome stranger named Michael offered her a most intriguing job. She was to tutor some eccentric millionaire all about astronomy, her passion, and she was going to be paid a handsome amount to boot. She quickly jumped at the offer. Little did the sexually uptight Alexandra know that she was heading to Kjonn Fengsel, a sex resort, to tutor a very sexy man named Rapture. Determine to do what she was paid to do; she attempts to focus on astronomy, but it is Rapture who tutors her on the pleasures of sexual freedom and love.

“The Novellas: Yes, Master Dante, Ecstasy’s story, and Wrath’s Story” Book Five “Yes, Master Dante” Tonya Roche is sent to be trained by Master Dante, by her former Master. Dante soon realizes that she would be the perfect distraction for his slave Apollo. “Ecstasy Story” This story tells about Master Drake's favorite pet Ecstasy before he comes to Kjonn Fengsel. . “Wrath's Story” Tells the story of Master Drake's most vicious pet Wrath arrival at the island, just after Wrath leaves Master Dante.

Publication Date: July 29, 2015 ​
Series: Master Series ​
No. of Words: 234,210 ​ ​
Keywords: BDSM, Erotic Romance, Master, Submissive

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