Mating Season

Mating Season

Series : Children of Nanook Book 1

Author : Allie Ritch

Publisher :Allie Ritch

Genre :
Erotic Romance, Full-Figured Heroine, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Vamps & Shifters

It’s mating season on the arctic planet of Jensen, time for eligible men to winter with a potential spouse. In the past, Koll’s enormous size and gruff disposition have scared off available women. When Shila literally falls into his arms, he hopes maybe this year will be different. Shila belongs to a race of shifters who are able to transform into enormous frost bears. She loves Koll’s big body and sexy growl, and she understands the benefit of having a strong protector. With two male shifters stalking her, she needs Koll to keep her safe. But can he defeat the competition?

(Previously published by Liquid Silver Books. This work has been revised and re-edited. )

Publication Date: April 03, 2016 ​
Series: Children of Nanook Book 1 ​
No. of Words: 27011 ​ ​
Keywords: shifters, bear shifters, PNR, SFR, paranormal romance, sci-fi romance, erotic romance

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