More Than Chains to Bind

More Than Chains to Bind

Author : Stevie Woods

Publisher :MLR Press

Genre :
Erotica, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

The chains on a captive Prince and his Guardian cannot keep them apart.

When Prince Liander and his Guardian, Hollis, are captured during a raid they find themselves chained in pairs to other captive villagers, prisoners of their country's enemy. It's vital that Liander's identity is kept secret.

The new slaves are horrified to learn they're to be trained in the use of weapons and unarmed combat so they can entertain their captors. Hollis worries about Liander, but there's nothing he can do as they are kept in different training halls. He must trust his prince to look after himself.

Hollis wishes to get Liander away to safety but as they are both kept chained to other slaves it begins to look impossible. It doesn't help when it becomes obvious the day may come when they're forced to fight each other for their survival. Hollis would rather die than harm the man who means the world to him. He is getting desperate, time is running out. Then comes a final betrayal.

This work has been previously published.

Publication Date: March 2017 ​
No. of Words: 55,000