Night Train To Naples

Night Train To Naples

Series : Night Train Series #1

Author : Carolina Valdez

Publisher :MLR Press

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters

The hot, urgent passion of an immortal for his human lover, the vengeful vampire who wants to kill them, and the world of precious stones.

After seven-hundred years, Alexandros Nicolaides has adjusted to life as an immortal. Employed by a New Orleans diamond courier, the gemologist travels to Italy in the hope of gaining a new customer for that business. On the night train from Rome to Naples, he confirms what he's suspected--someone is following him.

Human Dante Rocco has his reasons for tailing the tall blond. Unaware he follows an immortal, he's in for a bad shock. When Alex rescues him from thugs, a hot, urgent sexual bond flares between these two rivals for the courier account. As they struggle with the reality of their relationship, they discover they're now the ones being pursued--by an unstable, vengeful vampire.

This work has been previously released.

Publication Date: August 2016 ​
Series: Night Train Series #1
No. of Words: 34000