Series : The Insatiable Need Trilogy , Book One

Author : Hazel Hughes

Publisher :Hazel Hughes Romance

Genre :
Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, Forbidden Love

Romance writer Elizabeth Holmes' novels may be hot, but her love life is tepid at best. Then she meets Sebastian Faulkner. The hot young actor is breaking into Hollywood with the film adaptation of her first novel, but after a too-close-for-comfort encounter on-set in Manhattan, she learns that what he really wants is to play the lead in her dirtiest fantasies. Though Elizabeth is tempted, she's not about to risk her marriage for a night of passion with a man who tattoos his conquests on his body, no matter how persuasive he is. But what Sebastian wants is not just one night. He won't be satisfied until he has Elizabeth's complete submission. And Sebastian always gets what he wants.

Publication Date: March 12, 2014 ​
Series: The Insatiable Need Trilogy, Book One ​ ​
No. of Pages: 200 ​
Keywords: dubious consent, multiple partners, infidelity, younger man, bdsm

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