Rock The Cradle

Rock The Cradle

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Gay, Parenthood

Rock The Cradle is the single volume which contains the stories, A Baby for Michael and A Baby for Robbie and Jamie. Both stories are about gay couples and their quest for a baby of their own. However, the gift of a child demands a very high price.
In A Baby for Michael, Michael desperately wants a child but John is dead set against the idea; Jane, Michael’s old flame, turns up with the offer of the century …
In A Baby for Robbie and Jamie, both men desperately want a child but Robbie has not been entirely honest about why he only wants to adopt and not take advantage of Monica’s offer to bear a child for them …
These stories are gay romances with an adult theme and include graphic descriptions of gay and straight sex.
Both stories were previously published solo and as part of the compendium Rock The Cradle, which originally also contained A Baby for Felicity.
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