Silent Night

Silent Night

Author : Shawn Bailey

Publisher :MLR Press

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Sometimes it takes a little divine intervention to make someone see the error of their ways.

Hunter Beams is only eighteen years old but he's tired of the world. Orphaned since birth, moved from one foster home to another and then gets fired from a minimum wage job just because he wouldn't sleep with the boss. He is tired of getting bullied because of his sexuality. Nothing about him is normal not his size, his looks or his damn hair. Losing his job is the last straw. He is just going to end it all because he is just too damn tired of trying to survive.

Thirty year old Donte Womac has it all. .. a comfy townhouse in Chelsea, an active social life, a stable of cars and a cushy job. Then tragedy strikes and a young man lay dying in his arms. Then Donte discovers that all the money in the world can't help a person who wants to kill himself.

Publication Date: December 2016 ​
No. of Words: 39,000