Six Tales of the Unexpected (Boxed Set)

Six Tales of the Unexpected (Boxed Set)

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Gay

Six Tales of the Unexpected contains the first six stories in The Tales of the Unexpected series, which is a series of short unrelated stories with surprising endings.
Archie and Tom: After years of tolerating his wife's lies and deceit, Tom finally gives Jess her marching orders. The event coincides with a weekend visit from Archie, Tom's lifelong, gay friend. The weekend takes on a very different complexion as Tom begins to face up to the truth of his sexuality and admit to his feelings for Archie.
The Street With No Name: Beckett is unhappy; alone, depressed and rudderless. He meets Eddie, who provides sanctuary for a while. However, just as Beckett is finally working out some of the fundamental issues which have plagued him for years, he is abandoned again. His only option . .. to cross the river to the city on the other side, where no decent folk go.
What he finds there is further from the truth than he ever could have imagined . ..
Shattered Pieces: Jasper works in Accident & Emergency, a dedicated nurse. Colin is a policeman and Jasper's lifelong friend. Sometimes they share a kiss but the lake of unfulfilled needs, wants and desires remains uncharted. Jasper gets roped in, as usual, to help Colin with a young man who needs a helping hand getting off the streets. Payback comes in the form of their first true encounter, which ignites a well of love. But the course of true love never did run smooth.
Reading and Writing: Marshal finally ends up in his dream job of working in a bookstore. There he meets local businessman Hardinge, who is back in the dating game, following a painful breakup. Despite initially hitting it off, for some reason, they can’t seem to get it together. Meantime, Marshal meets Barry, recently dumped, forlorn yet hopeful of finding Mr Right. They forge a strong connection straightaway and Marshal expels thoughts of Hardinge and what could have been, for good. Then a chance discovery leads Marshal down a path which he never expected to tread . ..
Delayed Reaction: In Delayed Reaction, Andrew is waylaid by a snow storm; his flight is cancelled and the only hotel in town is full. An old motel on the edge of town looks to be the only choice. He meets Morgan in the hotel's reception; together they drive to the motel - their worst fears are realised but at least it has vacancies. The blizzard hits and cuts the power and phone lines, trapping the men in the only room which is served by the back-up generator. In the close confines of the room, their attraction is heightened. But come the morning, after the storm has passed, things look very different.
Check In: Albert returns to the town of his youth after 27 years, looking for a lucky break. He gets one in the form of a front desk job at a small seaside hotel owned by a gay couple. However, he quickly learns that all is not what it seems, and their issues resurrect ghosts of his own past. Patrick, a guest with whom Albert forms a relationship, provides a harbour in troubled storms and helps him put the past to rest.
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Alp Mortal

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