Sun on Sundays

Sun on Sundays

Series : Echoes of Nutt Hill #2

Author : Wendy Lou Jones

Genre :
Contemporary Romance

Sun on Sundays is an emotionally compelling tale of family and friendship and hope.
Carrie-Ann is 19 and in love with Tom; she always has been, yet their worlds only touch every other weekend. She had thought that by agreeing to work for Maggie on Nutt Hill she would get see far more of him, but sadly not. Fortunately, Maggie is a sucker for young love and despite Carrie-Ann keeping her years of yearning close to her chest, one day Tom turns up on the hill.
Will he ever see her the way she wants to be seen? Sometimes these things need a helping hand. ..

Publication Date: December 04, 2016 ​
Series: Echoes of Nutt Hill #2 ​ ​
No. of Pages: 330 ​

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