Sweet Rewards

Sweet Rewards

Author : Lori Beasley Bradley

Genre :
Historical Romance, Taboo

Olivia Thibodeau Montgomery wants to escape her fathers sugar plantation, Sweet Rewards. Armand Thibodeau wants a male heir for Sweet Rewards and Olivia is the only one who can deliver one. He's presented Olivia with several eligible men, but Olivia has rejected them all. She can't forget her sweet William who was killed at Vicksburg. James Devaroe is a wealthy, handsome man from New Orleans, however, and Olivia finds herself intrigued. Her mother, Marie, reminds Olivia that marriage and a child could hasten her escape and she relents. Her wedding is interrupted by the father of one of her suitors, bearing a gruesome gift. It ruins the day and send everyone fleeing, including the groom. Olivia and her mulatto half-sister leave Sweet Rewards for the family townhouse in New Orleans where they both hope to begin new lives. While out shopping, the women run into James Devaroe, who bullies his way back into Olivia's life and her bed. She lusts for his body, but she doesn't know if she can ever truly love him.

Publication Date: March 15, 2017 ​ ​ ​
No. of Pages: 203 ​
Keywords: Old South, Romance

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