Tales of Enchantment

Tales of Enchantment

Series : Tales of Enchantment Collection

Author : Kai Andersen

Publisher :Chained Hearts Publishing

Genre :
Anthology, Fairy Tale Retelling, Fantasy Romance

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Red and the Huntsman (Book #1)

Red has turned eighteen, yet her mother (and everyone else) persists in seeing her as a little girl. She doesn’t know if it is because of her petite stature or something else.

When the man she is attracted to doesn’t see her as a woman, it’s the last straw. She will show them that she’s all grown up, and woman enough for her man.

The Question of Royalty (Book #2)

A lush, sensual, wet beauty arrives at his hunting lodge, seeking shelter from the ferocious storm. She claims to be a princess, but so many things about her don't add up. Despite his intense attraction to her, Frederick can't help but be suspicious.

Serena is running from a terrible fate, and she has no wish to linger, even when one look from her host makes her feel things she's never felt before. Not to mention the touch of his hands, his lips. .. Fires burn hot and bright between them, despite the questions in his eyes, questions she cannot answer.

Unbeknownst to them, villainous forces are at work, seeking to keep them apart. Will Frederick be forced to let her go, especially if she can't answer The Question of Royalty?

The Quest (Book #3)

Giselda of Mithirien is a fake, and she knows it. When Prince Michael of Ermont offers for her hand, she's overjoyed. Michael can give her everything her heart desires--wealth, security, status. So why is she attracted to Rodin, son of the palace gardener?

Rodin knows he's nothing and no one in Giselda's eyes, but he can't help hungering for her. Brought together by a desperate mission, Rodin can't resist awakening his princess to the sensual arts. Much as he loves her luscious body, he wants her heart even more.

Their desperate quest is fraught with peril--from monstrous beasts and rough terrain to the wild longings and forbidden hopes of their unsuspecting hearts. It may bring them destruction. .. or their greatest prize.

Publication Date: October 11, 2016 ​
Series: Tales of Enchantment Collection ​
No. of Words: 99,794 words ​
No. of Pages: 338 pages ​
Keywords: princess, fairy tales, happy ever after, feel good, heartwarming, romance

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