The Past's Promise

The Past's Promise

Author : Carolyn Gregg

Publisher :Music And Press

Genre :
Action Adventure, Erotic Romance, Gay for You, Historical Romance, LGBTQ, Time Travel, Western Romance

She found the ultimate love of her life in another time. .. and as a man.

Jessie Wharton is a teacher in the twenty-first century. Or at least she was.

Taking her history class to visit the ruins of a historic fort in west Texas, the scorching heat turned her world upside down.

Suddenly, nothing was the way it was supposed to be. She was no longer Jessie Wharton. She was Jesse Webster. She wasn't a teacher. She was a private in the US Army stationed at Fort Callaghan, a completely functional outpost. And it was 1867.

Worse, she wasn't a she any longer. She was a man. A man who was finding himself falling in love with a fellow soldier named Martin Parrish.

Together, they discover love in the scorching Texas heat, in a time when the merest breath of homosexuality was enough to have the accused whipped to death. .. if the native Indians didn't scalp them first.

Publication Date: April 03, 2013 ​ ​
No. of Words: 27100 ​ ​
Keywords: homosexual, gay, erotic, time travel, Western, historical

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