The Price of Secrets

The Price of Secrets

Series : Web Secrets #2

Author : Terry Poole

Publisher :MLR Press

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Kelly must rescue his fiance Nathan when he is kidnapped by the wife of a drug lord out to exact revenge for Kelly accidently killing her son during a drug bust.

An old FBI case of Kelly's returns with a vengeance. The traumatic case that nearly ended his life left him with both physical and deep emotional scars. Kelly needs to finally conquer his inner demons when Nathan, his fiance, is kidnapped by the wife of a drug lord and used as bait to bring Kelly to her.

With little time left, Kelly must assemble a highly-specialized team to rescue the love of his life from a drug lord's compound in the remote jungles of Columbia. Nathan's life hangs in the balance as the mother of a murdered child fulfills her plans to exact revenge upon Kelly for accidently killing her son during the drug bust a year ago.

Unexpected treachery and betrayal follow them until not only their lives but the lives of their entire family are threatened.

Publication Date: April 2017 ​
Series: Web Secrets #2
No. of Words: 50,000