The Start Of The Journey - Part Four of The Great Dane Saga

The Start Of The Journey - Part Four of The Great Dane Saga

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Gay

Meet Dane Danois - the most fabulous gay man in the Universe . .. in his own, never humble opinion. A man driven to live life to the full, and if there's a chance that he can help a friend along the way, he will. A sharp-suited, sharp-witted, sometimes reckless, sometimes dangerous, always intoxicating agent of change . .. and loyal to a T.
In The Start Of The Journey, Dane is seventeen. He has just left home as a consequence of being rejected by his parents for being gay. Leaving behind Gran, Clarissa, and everything he knows, Dane begins his journey - arguably, one that never truly ends. He meets people along the way with whom he forges lifelong friendships; people like Luke, Sam, Etienne, Jake and Viv. But the events in Freiburg, and the encounter with Richard have the most profound effect on Dane; it is, in effect when Dane Danois is born.
The Great Dane Saga charts the life of Dane Danois, and his many and varied friendships and relationships over the course of a 40 year period. The six parts of the story do not run in strict chronological order. That is because the story was never going to be a saga, but after I finished part one, it was clear that Dane was not going to shut up until I had written down everything he wanted to say - he was a poor narrator. Dane is neither wholly good nor wholly bad - he is just Dane - perfect in his imperfections.
The six parts of The Great Dane Saga originally appeared in 2013, in single volumes, and then in the compendium titled All The World. All volumes were removed from the shelf in 2014 for re-editing. The six individual volumes, and the compendium, will re-appear during the course of 2016.
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