The Un-Nuclear Family

The Un-Nuclear Family

Author : Morgan Starr

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Gay

After 25 years of marriage and working hard, Will and Stewart are looking forward to taking things a little easier. But it seems that everyone else has other plans. The fuse in this powder keg of events is lit when Stewart's son Anthony goes AWOL, dumping his son Jonah on the pair.
In having to look after the two-year-old boy, Will, in particular, is forced to reconnect with the nightmare of his own fatherless childhood, which was also dominated by his mother's addiction to drugs and alcohol. Only Gran and Grandad were there to keep things together - and in some respects, they still do.
When Anthony's scheming ex demands custody of Jonah, Will and Stewart are faced with the prospect of losing him, and they are forced to make some difficult choices, with startling results. When Will's mother dies, and his grandfather admits to a painful truth, Will has no choice but to resolve the hurts of the past and embrace the future.
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