The Way Of Water

The Way Of Water

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Elements of Fantasy, Gay, Romance

In The Way of Water the ‘game’ has changed. War and Rane have their journey to continue while Warren and Randall discover that not all is as it seems and they have a journey of their own to undertake. The convergence of the past and present signifies the continuum of life and the quest for answers.
Parts one, two and three are contained in The Map Stick – The First Journey.
The Way of Water continues to explore the relationship between War and Rane and their counterparts Warren and Randall. Their paths are beginning to converge. The Way of Water is the first of four parts which comprise the second journey; The Way of Earth, The Way of Air and The Way of Fire will follow in due course.
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