The Wolf in the Woods

The Wolf in the Woods

Author : Marisa Chenery

Publisher :Marisa Chenery

Genre :
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters

Lost in the woods when on a Canada Day camping trip with her grandmother at Algonquin Park, Red finds herself chased by a large male wolf. Shocked when he shapeshifts into a gorgeous man, she is unable to tell him no when he takes her into his arms and kisses her senseless.

Rutgar knew Red was his mate from the first whiff of her scent. Out on his daily evening run through the woods in his wolf form, he can’t resist the pull she has over him. The mating urge rides him to claim her as his mate.

Not pleased to find herself bound to Rutgar without her consent, Red soon learns another werewolf forms a greater danger than an unexpected mating ever could.

Publication Date: December 06, 2016 ​ ​
No. of Words: 14,917 ​
No. of Pages: 34 ​
Keywords: Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Werewolf

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