Three For The Win

Three For The Win

Author : Keta Diablo

Publisher :Keta Diablo

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Friends to Lovers, Marriage of Convenience, Western Romance

I’ve loved Hollis forever, it seems.
I meant to tell her so many times but always chickened out.
Then Stede rode into town on his big shiny motorcycle and saved my life.
Hollis fell hard for him. I get that, what’s not to love about Stede?
I watched and waited, hoped whatever they felt for one another would pass.
It didn’t, and now Stede’s hot head has landed him in trouble…again.

I should have known better than to fall for a bone-melting man like Stede Marrow.
A man who hides everything about his past.
I know Stede loves me and I know he loves Eli too, like a brother.
Stede’s gone now and Eli’s here to pick up the pieces of my broken life.

I should have kept on riding after I saved Eli at the creek.
But then I saw Hollis and forgot about that road up ahead.
I wanted to tell her why I’m running and who I am.
But I haven’t even told Eli. It’s safer that way.
I said I’d never go back to that hick town, swore I’d forget about Hollis.
I didn’t bank on her being so damn unforgettable.

Publication Date: March 30, 2016 ​ ​ ​
No. of Pages: 85 ​
Keywords: cowboy, western, romance, second-chance love,

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