Tipping Point

Tipping Point

Author : Alp Mortal

Publisher :The Carter Seagrove Project

Genre :
Contemporary Romance, Gay

James Martyn is a man on a mission to win his company some plum business. He is on his way to New York to pitch for the contract. Martyn James is also on his way to New York to pitch for the same piece of business. However, due to certain computer glitches and errors, James is confused with Martyn, by both the airline and the hotel. A comedy of errors which works in James's favour as far as the preparations for the presentation are concerned . .. conversely, Martyn is having the worst possible time.
James meets Carlucci, a waiter, and in the closet as far as his family are concerned. James is also harbouring some long standing insecurities - is it possible that they will provide the key to each other's future? After such a promising start, things appear to be falling apart for James until he decides to take the future by the scruff of the neck and give it a vigorous shake.
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No. of Words: 9998 ​