To Love A Wild Irishman

To Love A Wild Irishman

Author : Nicole Sturgill

Publisher :Dream Big Publishing

Genre :
Action Adventure

Finnegan Callahan is the son of an Irishman. He loves rye whiskey, women, and gambling, though he always leaves his women a bit more bitter and his gambling companions much richer. His take on life is that it is meant to be lived and live it he does—though he won’t be doing so much longer if those he owes debts to catch up to him. What Finnegan needs is a chest full of money, which of course he thinks is simply wishful thinking—until he finds the treasure map.
Cassandra Little has always lived a cautious life. Daughter to a wealthy family and a father active in the government, her every move is seen and judged by society. Cassandra says she is content, but knows deep down that there has to be something more—and that is why when her best friend, Finnegan, shows up at her bedroom window in the early morning hours with a treasure map and a proposition, Cassandra is quick to agree.
Their journey together will take Cassandra far from home. Outlaws, debt collectors, bounty hunters, and angry politicians plague them every step of the way. Will Cassandra and Finnegan find the treasure they seek? Take the journey with them as they discover whom they really are, what really matters, and that old friendships truly are the strongest foundations for true love.

Publication Date: July 25, 2014 ​
No. of Words: 123,600