William Mary & Percy

William Mary & Percy

Author : Adam Mann

Publisher :Butterfly Books

Genre :
Action Adventure, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Friends to Lovers, Holiday, Romantic Comedy

An exciting tale of love and passion, but not all at once! William and Mary are effectively the accounting department in a property investment company (boring, but part of the story!).
The Company is taken over, and they are asked to prepare a report so they work late into the evening, and then visit a local restaurant, but not really a date. Mary asks William to walk with her home as it is now dark, which he does, and is offered a bed for the night.
Mary is the prime initiator of what happens next but only after some time, but she does enough to keep William interested, when his next job is at Hyderabad in Pakistan. Mary visits William which effectively seals his fate.

But who is Percy, and what is Samantha?

Publication Date: April 21, 2017 ​ ​
No. of Words: 12310 ​ ​
Keywords: Seduction, romance, descriptive sex

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